Carmelita’s AKA Crack Bars

Dinner get-togethers with friends are the best. Wednesday a friend called to invite the Firefigher and I to taco night. Since I’m known for baking in our group, it was requested we bring the dessert. The one rule that I was given for the dessert direction was that it needed to be a dessert that did not contain peanut butter.

I immediately dove into my Pinterest dessert board recipes to see if anything stood out from the rest. After browsing through just about every recipe ever pinned into these boards, I realized that I have a very real problem: just about every dessert I pin has some form of peanut butter involved.

It was time to start from square one.

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Back Home & Back At It

I spent the first half of August traveling around, celebrating engagements, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, supporting my mom through surgery and visiting friends.

I had a great time and loved seeing family and friends, but sometimes nothing beats coming home.

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