2015 In Review

I don’t know about everyone else, but 2015 has been one heck of a year. There have been ups, downs and all sorts of twists and turns, periods of extreme joy and bouts of self-doubt and anxiety about the future. As I reflect back on all that has happened, though, I can honestly say that 2015 has been pretty amazing to me. Continue reading 2015 In Review

Adult Snow Day//Motivation Monday

I can remember when I was in school that any time there was promise of a big snow storm, everyone always hoped, wished and prayed for a snow day. On the occasions that I was lucky enough to have this wish granted, I would spend almost all day outside with friends building snow forts and having snowball fights.

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Decadent Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate has been one of my favorite cold weather beverages ever since I was little. It’s just the perfect chocolaty treat for a chilly winter day – or really even a hot winter day and you just want a hit of something decadent and delicious.

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Merry Christmas to All

I’m extremely lucky to be spending this Christmas season in warm weather, surrounded by family,  and filled with tons of food. After the last couple of days of holiday prep and overall celebration I’m curled up on the couch, surrounded by loved ones and relaxing with loved ones.

I hope that everyone is having a safe and blessed holiday with their loved ones. Merry Christmas to all!

Motivation Monday

I thought this quote was particularly appropriate for the holiday season. I know I’m trying to make an effort to count my blessings and not my obstacles. Once you start paying attention to even your smallest blessings – like having a good supply of hot tea on a cold winter-ish day – it’s hard not to feel like this life is anything but wonderful.

Motivation Monday

Christmas is *Finally* Here

Nothing about the last couple of weeks has been normal. After Thanksgiving, the new dishwasher that my apartment complex installed in my apartment – apparently incorrectly – flooded the carpet in my apartment. For about 5 days my entire place was in shambles, furniture moved everywhere, carpet pulled up and drying and overall smelling like an unappetizing mix of burnt plastic, a dumpster and Vix vapor rub. While things were a hot mess at home, work was equally crazy with having company-wide meetings; after work receptions and our Christmas party.

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Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Does it make me a complete little kid that ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas  is something I am really excited about? I would watch Christmas movies year-round if I could pull it off (right now I can only make arguments for December and July). In honor of one of my favorite times of year and movie genres, here is a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies:

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