Cold Weather Comfort

Apartment woes. At some point or another, I’m sure we’ve all had them. The upstairs neighbors that moved furniture around during all hours of the night. The fairly thin walls that can’t block out the sound of the dog barking two apartments down. My apartment woe? Extreme temperature differences in each room.

Temp 2For whatever reason, the heat works in the front part of the apartment – in the living room and kitchen – but the two bedrooms will be icy cold. Last night the temperatures dropped drastically and I just could not keep warm no matter how many blankets I added to the bed.

This morning when the Firefighter got home from working a 3 day shift, even he mentioned how cold it was outside. When he says it’s cold, I know it must be freezing outside -so I checked the temperature to see what we were dealing with. A grand total of 9 degrees, which sparked the following conversation:

Firefighter: Baby! It’s the first time you’ve lived in single-digit weather for over a decade!
Me: Yeah, that’s not really something to draw attention to or celebrate.

So what are you supposed to do when it’s cold and you’ve got zero cold weather tolerance? Attempt to make the best of  a freezing situation. This Sunday’s agenda has included:


  • Enjoying a late champagne and cinnamon roll brunch.
  • Whipping up a mini batch of crock pot hot chocolate – substituting almond  milk.
  • Staying wrapped as snugly as possible in my electric blanket (God’s gift to thin-blooded women).
  • Modern Family marathon-ing.
  • Avoiding any sort of activity that in any way involves opening doors/windows/stepping foot outside.

Later, a delicious dinner of balsamic roast beef, potatoes and carrots.

Thank God that the weather is supposed to warm back up a little bit during the week – when my job requires I at least go from my apartment to the car.


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