Pre-Valentine’s Day Celebrations

The Firefighter and I are not very big on Valentine’s Day. We never really go over the top gift-wise and generally opt to do something at home for dinner versus going out to a restaurant with a prix fix menu. Though truthfully we’ve never really had the option to celebrate that way – this year is the first time in our dating history that we are even in the same state on Valentine’s Day. Hooray for small victories!

Even though we are in the same state, we still don’t get to celebrate together. The Firefighter has to work – God bless non-traditional schedules – so we decided to celebrate on February 13. With a wedding and a honeymoon coming up within the next eight months, we decided to keep things a bit more low key. 

One of the items I actually made for the Firefighter out of beer bottle caps we (and many friends of ours) have been saving over the last several months. He always says that he wants to have a dedicated Man Cave whenever we are able to buy a house. In honor of this currently non-existent Man Cave, I put together beer bottle cap coasters to accompany his currently not-yet-made/purchased-bar.


Since I already had a glue gun, glue gun sticks and a wide variety of bottle caps, this particular project didn’t cost me anything except an hour or so of time one night while he was working.

Coasters 2
Breaking in the new coasters.

The other ‘gift’ I got him was tickets to see Deadpool, which he talked about non-stop for quite a while. This gift served two purposes: he was happy that he got to see a ‘super hero’ movie and that I paid for him to see it. I was happy that I got to see Ryan Reynolds running around in a skin-tight super hero costume in Imax. That was definitely a win-win situation for me.

Because seriously. Ryan Reynolds. Skin. Tight. Super. Hero. Costume. Yummy.

After the movie, the Firefighter made a delicious dinner at the apartment which consisted of New York strip steaks, twice baked potatoes, asparagus with bacon and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

No question about it – a fun and delicious way to spend our February 13.

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