Whole30 Journey: Days 21-27

I would just like to kick off this post by asking this – Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stick to the Whole30 when you’re in New Orleans? No beignets, no wine, no hand grenade, no seafood with delicious sauces. I’m not saying that someone should send me a Whole30 award, but I’m also not saying that I’d send it back if I got one.

Day 21: Where’s My Tiger Blood At?

Breakfast: Almonds; Two egg ‘muffins’
Lunch: Salad with romaine, baked chicken, salsa, and guacamole
Dinner: Roasted vegetables; baked apple and banana with cinnamon and almond butter
Snacks: Baked banana and cinnamon chips; almonds

apple-and-bananaI am really starting to wonder when the hell my Tiger Blood phase is going to kick in. After a weekend of being sluggish and sleepy, I had hoped to wake up on Monday feeling better and refreshed.

Not so much the case.

By midday, I still felt tired and slow. After getting home and throwing something together for dinner since the original plans didn’t work out, I was in bed and asleep by 8:30 PM.

Day 22: Much Better

Breakfast: Two egg ‘muffins; almonds; Bare banana and cinnamon chips
Lunch: Baked chicken; roasted veggies
Dinner: Crock pot pulled pork with pineapple; roasted veggies
Snack: Almonds; banana; fruit salad

pork-and-veggiesSleeping about 10-10.5 hours is bound to put anyone in a better mood the next day and I’m happy to say it worked for me. I practically hopped out of bed to get ready for work and felt motivated and energetic all day. I suppose my Tiger Blood thought it would try to bounce back and remind me why I’m doing this (apart from the general healthy lifestyle/body reset perks).

Dinner was basically an experiment, we just had a pork roast and a pineapple to use so I thought throwing them both in the crock pot would make for a nice quasi-Hawaiian dish. I think both the Firefighter and I were impressed that it turned out so well. Thrown on top of some roasted veggies that I made the night before, it was pretty frickin’ delicious.

Day 23: One The Road Again

Breakfast: Banana with almond butter
Lunch: Cashew Cookie Larabar; almonds
Dinner: Pork loin; dry lettuce; some fruit
Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar; Apple Pie Larabar; almonds

It’s another Whole30 travel day for me. Like with the Florida trip, I packed a bag of Larabars and almonds. I’m heading to a work meeting and even though there will be plenty of food, I’m not 100% sure how much of it I can actually eat. With a connecting flight to my final destination, and having no clue what options any airports had for me along the way, I ate an early breakfast this morning and packed two Larabar’s in my ‘personal item’.

Not my best food day, but when literally everything on the buffet is covered in sauce or butter (even the friggin’ roasted veggies!! WTF!!), you gotta do what you gotta do to keep from starving.

Day 24: Mother of God, I’m Friggin’ Starving

Breakfast: Big plate of fruit – strawberries; banana; cantelope; honey dew; pineapple; blackberries
Lunch: Deli meat on romaine; fruit plate (from breakfast)
Dinner: Steak; roasted potatoes; sautéed green beans; fruit bowl

fruitSecond day of Big Easy food consumption proved to be no more successful than the day before. I never fully realized how much I hate buffet food until this trip. At breakfast, the only items I knew were compliant were on the big fruit tray, so I loaded up a plate to make sure I had things to snack on throughout the day. Lunch also proved to be quite disappointing, pulling the deli meat off the sandwiches and just adding it to some dry romaine. Thankfully, dinner more than made up for the rest of the meals and I practically inhaled my food.

Also – Big Whole30 Moment here – I was able to drink my coffee black. How far I’ve come in just over 3 weeks!

Hunger aside, I felt good overall. I had an early wake-up call  and even though I didn’t get a fabulous nights sleep (my hotel isn’t far from Bourbon Street) I woke up feeling good and ready to go. I’ve felt awake and engaged all day, which is good when I’m in a meeting room full of people I’ve never met before.

Day 25: Goin’, goin’, back, back to KC

Breakfast: Scrambled egg; ham slices; fruit
Lunch: Apple Pie Larabar
Dinner: Chipotle salad bowl with romaine, double carnitas, tomato salasa, green salsa and guacamole
Snacks: Mixed nuts, minus the peanuts

chipotleI’m not sure that even Tiger Blood can fight two nights of awful sleep due to a hotel room being a) located on Bourbon Street and b) right next to elevators that were apparently made in the 1800s. The lack of sleep also resulted in some slightly red eyes, but nothing worse than that. Typically when I’m traveling and sleep deprived, I instantly get sick with some sort of wicked cold but that (knock on wood) hasn’t happened this time.

The Firefigher and I had a low key evening when we got home from the airport. We figured out by looking on the ingredients list that I could eat Chipotle, so we got that for dinner and watched a movie before I fell asleep.

Day 26: Rest Up, Buttercup

Breakfast: Baked apple and bananas with cinnamon and almond butter
Lunch: Leftover crock pot pulled pork with pineapple; roasted veggies
Dinner: Leftover crock pot pulled pork with pineapple; roasted veggies; leftover guacamole from Chipotle
Snack: Cashew Cookie Larabar

After a crazy few days of travel, early mornings and late nights, I did not do much at all on Saturday. The Firefighter went to work, so I had the apartment to myself. I look at houses, did some reading, watched some TV, and just relaxed.

Day 27: Energizer Bunny

Breakfast: Baked apple and bananas with cinnamon and almond butter
Lunch: Leftover pulled pork and pineapple; baked chicken; guacamole
Dinner: Corned beef and egg casserole
Snacks: Almonds

I woke up Sunday feeling incredibly refreshed and energized. I put together a grocery list for the Firefighter, who offered to go to the store for me (God bless him, he knows I loathe grocery shopping), unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, ate breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen and am getting our living area in a semblance of order.

The afternoon and evening were spent doing some meal prep for the week. Even though my Whole30 technically ends on Wednesday, I have meals planned for the week that still stick to the plan. I do not have an official ‘reintroduction’ planned for the next phase, except that I 100% know I will be consuming wine at some point later in the week. I am more than a little excited about that.


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