Movin’ on Up!

The last 7.5 days have been a whirlwind of nervousness, excitement and just a little bit of stress. The Firefighter and I are buying a house!

We’ve been talking for about it for a while now and knew that we did not want to renew our apartment lease after this year. We decided to get started on our home search sooner versus later and officially met with our realtor late last month, but up until last week there was nothing coming on the market that we were particularly excited about.

house-1-blacked-outThen last Friday one that came on the market last Friday that I saw via email alert and told the Firefighter to make an appointment to go see it during the day (Thank God he was off duty and able to). He toured it, loved it and we put down an offer that evening. The next day I went to tour the house with the realtor and we played a little bit of the waiting game with the sellers. By Sunday brunch we got the call that we got the house. We’re first time buyers who put a bid on the first house we walked through and actually got it. I’m not too sure how often that happens, but I think it makes it pretty special.

Now I get to spend the next few weeks getting ready for Moving Day.

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