Hearts and Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m excited because this is the first Valentine’s Day that the Firefighter and I have actually ever been in the same place for – in the past one of us has always been away for work. We are cooking  up dinner at home and relaxing. Neither of us are super big on Valentine’s Day, plus…it’s a Tuesday, and we both work tomorrow. It’s a steak dinner and a glass of wine before he passes out pretty early type of night. That’s the life for a firefighter couple sometimes!

vday-giftThe Firefighter’s was a little nervous about his present for me because he said he didn’t go through the typical “approval channels” (my mom or friends), but it was super sweet. He got me some roses and a card that held a dog tag with the name of our future puppy on it. I do have to give him some points for creativity on that one!

We celebrated our “date night” Valentine’s Day this past Saturday. We went to see 50 Shades Darker at the dine-in theater. I’ve read all of the books and saw the first movie, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality improvement. The movie still followed the overall plot of the second book, but cut out some of the…perhaps more controversial aspects that the book has regarding the two characters relationship. I personally liked that Ana seemed a bit more independent in the movie than she is portrayed in the books.

I’m not saying that this is an epic movie that’s going to win any awards, but I was entertained and the Firefighter didn’t seem to mind it, either. Plus, what’s not to like about watching two hours of Jamie Dornan?

Also, I thought it was fun that the theater had some adult beverages with the 50 Shades theme. One of my best friends and I have been drinking this beverage since college (I still highly recommend it) and never had an official name for it. Now I guess we do 🙂 . It’s called Dark Temptation and it’s basically a vodka, cranberry, soda. Enjoy!

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