Massiemoon Recap: Flight Adventures & Marseille

The Firefighter and I knew that we wanted to go on a pretty amazing trip for our honeymoon, which is why we didn’t take off immediately after our wedding. Waiting until the fall allowed us to recover from all of the wedding craziness and also gave us something to look forward to in the interim.

The Firefighter had never been overseas before, so my goal while planning the itinerary was to try and see as much as possible within about a two-week time period. We decided to start off with a week-long Mediterranean cruise, embarking in Marseille and making stops in Barcelona, Naples, Florence, Rome and Cannes, and spending a couple of days in Paris and London. From start to finish it was a total of 16 days.

Things started off just a tad rocky with our flight times and luggage. On our way over to Europe, we had two layovers: one in Detroit and one in Amsterdam. The one in Amsterdam was only supposed to be about 45 minutes – Not very long at all when you take into account figuring out a new (and as we found out later, the largest airport in Europe) airport and customs.

Being a Type A person, having such little wiggle room made me very nervous in terms of us being able to even get from one gate to the other and wondering if our luggage would even make such a tight layover. In order to alleviate my fears about the luggage, we decided to just pack carry-on sized luggage and just buy another bag during our travels if we needed to. We had a plan in place.

What we did not account for was that the plane taking us to Detroit was a relatively small one – Kansas City is not what I would call a bustling metropolis (though I think it could be if the airport was completely re-vamped, but no one asked me). Since we were, unfortunately, placed at the back of the plane, by the time we got to our seats there was zero overhead compartment space left. Though I tried to politely state my case to the flight attendant, I was forced to check my bag through to my final destination.

Side note: To the people who cut-off the Firefighter and I in the boarding line,  took the last overhead compartment spaces, listened to me state my case to the flight attendant and still did not offer to trade places, even though your final destination was Detroit – You kind of suck.

Though I was still very annoyed by the time we boarded our flight from Detroit to Amsterdam, the assistance of several glasses of wine (free on international flights!) and the fact that our second plane landed in Amsterdam an hour and a half early, I was able to calm down a bit. Thankfully, my bag was one of the first to come off the plane in Marseille. Once we had all of our belongings, we flew through customs and found our taxi to take us to the hotel.

After checking in and changing out of our plane clothes, I made sure we got out and did some walking. I knew if we stayed in the hotel room too long, we would end up falling asleep and I wanted us to fight the jet lag as long as possible in order to adjust to the time difference quicker. Plus, it was our only time in Marseille before we boarded the cruise ship the next day.

marseilleWe did not stray too far from downtown Marseille, kind of circling the bay to look at the boats and different shops and restaurants along the street. We walked into one wine shop, Nicolas, to pick up a bottle of champagne to celebrate kicking off our honeymoon. Afterwards, we started looking for a place to get some food. We hadn’t had any ‘real’ food since lunch time in the states the day before, so we were pretty hungry. Since it was only around 4 PM in Marseille at the time, we did not actually have a lot of food options since many of the cafes were only serving drinks at that time, being a little early for dinner. We did find one place with a pretty view of the bay, ordered a few appetizer type dishes, some drinks and enjoyed the ambiance.

Since we managed to kill several hours during our little adventure, we headed back to the hotel around 6:30 PM to relax and re-group for our departure the next morning. We popped our champagne bottle, poured a couple of glasses, and turned on the TV. I decided to take a quick shower and by the time I got out, the Firefighter was dead to the world. He did pretty well on his first major jet lag experience, not falling asleep until 7:30 PM!  I drank another glass of champagne, watched Get Hard in French  and fell asleep not too long after he did.

Up next: Boarding the ship and Barcelona!


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