Moving Madness

The Firefighter and I are officially at less than one week until we close on and move into our new house! I’ve spent all of my free time recently trying to get everything organized, cleaned (as needed), and packed. Key word: “trying”. Moving is one of those processes where it gets worse before it gets better and right now the entire place looks like one hot mess.

In an effort to keep things somewhat organized, I’ve tried to label all of our boxes with what room they go to, and everything that’s inside them. That way it makes it easy on the volunteers helping us move figure out where to put  things and it helps me know where certain appliances/things are. Nothing bugs me more than needing something and having to tear through a bunch of stuff to find it.

It’s so strange to see the apartment now that I’ve taken most of the pictures off of the walls and boxes full of belongings take up more and more room. The Firefighter and I have so many memories here – some good (wedding planning) and some bad (dishwasher flood). Now it’s starting to look so bare and like a regular apartment as opposed to the place we’ve called home the last several years.

As corny as it sounds, it’s really hitting home that our apartment-living chapter is over for us. Next week we are moving everything into our house (!!) and starting our lives there. I am incredibly excited about it, and also very much looking forward to the packing/unpacking part of this whole process to be over!

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