BFF’s NYC Bachelorette Party: Part 1

Moving into our house wasn’t the only big project that I was planning for during March – One week after the Firefighter and I closed on our house, I hopped on a plane heading to NYC for my best friends bachelorette party. We both fell in love with the city during our visit back in August and neither of us could wait to go back to celebrate her bachelorette.

I end up  having quite the experience going through airport security for my flight out of KC. Apparently my tights set off something on the full body scanner, so I had to go through the light pat down process and the security person also said that she needed to wipe down both my hands and hers for testing. I’m not sure how it makes sense to use the same pad to wipe down my hands AND her hands before testing, but no one asked me. That test came up “suspicious” (note to self: never put on hand lotion before flights ever again), so I got pulled aside for a full body pat down and have my purse searched.

I’ll say this for the security agent patting me down – she was extremely thorough. The agent going through my purse also applauded me for being so organized, so I guess I at least have that going for me. I’m just glad I checked my bigger suitcase with all of the bachelorette paraphernalia.  I can only imagine the looks if airport security had needed to go through all of that!

Once the plane took off, I decided to celebrate the weekend/recover from being violated by ordering some prosecco. One of the many, many reasons I love Southwest (other than complimentary bag check) is that they now have prosecco on board. I had two glasses for $10! It’s the best deal I got all weekend!

The bachelorette and I picked flights that arrived in New York around the same time, so we met at the airport, grabbed a taxi, checked into The Roosevelt and immediately went in search of some New York style pizza. After pretty much destroying one of the larger pizzas I’ve seen (#noregrets), we went in search of some wine/champagne and snacks to continue our pre-party reunion. Though we found some things to munch on, we didn’t have any luck in our wine search so we headed back to the hotel to look at the room service/bar options.

Side bar: What’s the deal with making it difficult to find some alcohol, New York? This was a theme we ran into throughout the weekend. How is there not a wine/liquor store on every corner??? People need wine just as much as they need Starbucks.

Bach 4We ended up ordering a bottle of prosecco to the room and drinking it while catching up on life with another one of the bachelorette girls (Sam) who met up with us that night. Getting to relax, drink some wine and know that we could sleep in the next morning and not worry about work was our definition of luxury that night.

The rest of the bachelorette crew wasn’t meeting with the three of us until later Friday night, so we  had a full day ahead of us to kind of do what we wanted. We took our time waking up, getting ready and then dropped our bags with the bellhop before taking off.

Sam went to college in New York, so she took us to one of her favorite restaurants that served large, family-style portions: La Mela. Since we were all about responsible carbing to prepare for the night ahead, we hopped in an Uber and took off to Little Italy. We were immediately seated and ordered glasses of prosecco (you’ll notice a theme with our beverage of choice for the weekend) before deciding on the 3-course lunch option.

Holy. Mother. Of. Pasta. I think all three of us were full by the second course, but we couldn’t *not* taste the different pastas they sat before us. They were all beyond delicious and we ended up taking most of it with us in order to enjoy it later that night.

After heading back to the hotel to get our luggage, we food coma-ed our way to getting to our AirBNB, dropping off our stuff, searching for food and beverage supplies (once again, the beverage part of this adventure was in vain) and getting the place decorated for the weekend. To solve the beverage supply problem, Sam found the Minibar app which ended up being a *huge* help. All I had to do was order and pay for the liquor, wine, and mixers we wanted through the app and we had all of our beverages delivered directly to the AirBNB within the hour. So. Awesome.

Since the rest of the girls all had different arrival times to the party, our Friday night plans just consisted of snacking, drinking, playing some ‘typical’ Bachelorette games and getting to know each other at the AirBNB. We had a pretty action packed Saturday ahead and we wanted to make sure we were ready for it.

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