Back at It

I feel like I blinked in April and I when my eyes opened again it was September. The last several months have been a whirlwind of absolute wonderful craziness and things now seem like they are falling back to normal…or at least our new ‘normal’.

Since my last post, I…

  • started a job back with the event planning company I worked at when I lived in Florida. It is truly amazing what a difference it makes in everyday life when you absolutely love what you do and the people you work with! I feel like I’m back home with this job.
  • finally finished unpacking boxes in the new house. I’d like to say that all of our pictures and other decor are up on the walls, but things are slowly coming together.
  • jetted off to a destination wedding in Mexico.
  • flew to Texas (twice) to operate events – I forgot what an amazing rush it is to be on-site at an event and seeing everything come together and run smoothly.
  • spent a week in Boston to celebrate my best friends wedding – twice :). And I don’t mean to brag, but I nailed my MOH speech.
  • celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with the Firefighter.
  • went to Oklahoma to celebrate the 4th of July and visit the Firefighter’s extended family.
  • adopted two dogs – A (now) one year old male border collie/lab mix and an 8-10 year old boxer/lab mix (the vet can’t give us a more accurate age range, so it’s kind of a guessing game). Going from zero pets to two took a bit of an adjustment, but now we can’t imagine not having them in our lives. Plus, they make excellent company now that I work from home again.
  • dealt with having no AC for two weeks while working from home – not quite like camping, but definitely not glamping.
  • started updating/making DIY renovations to the house.

It’s been a summer full of re-integration, learning, and growth. I’ve pushed myself to try things that I would never normally attempt and am proud of the results. I’m energized, motivated, and overall extremely happy. Life is good.

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