BFF’s NYC Bachelorette Party: Part 1

Moving into our house wasn’t the only big project that I was planning for during March – One week after the Firefighter and I closed on our house, I hopped on a plane heading to NYC for my best friends bachelorette party. We both fell in love with the city during our visit back in August and neither of us could wait to go back to celebrate her bachelorette. Continue reading BFF’s NYC Bachelorette Party: Part 1

Massiemoon Recap: Flight Adventures & Marseille

The Firefighter and I knew that we wanted to go on a pretty amazing trip for our honeymoon, which is why we didn’t take off immediately after our wedding. Waiting until the fall allowed us to recover from all of the wedding craziness and also gave us something to look forward to in the interim.

The Firefighter had never been overseas before, so my goal while planning the itinerary was to try and see as much as possible within about a two-week time period. We decided to start off with a week-long Mediterranean cruise, embarking in Marseille and making stops in Barcelona, Naples, Florence, Rome and Cannes, and spending a couple of days in Paris and London. From start to finish it was a total of 16 days.

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Whole30 Journey: Days 7-13

Day 7: I’m Lovin’ It

Breakfast: Bacon and egg cups
Lunch: Buffalo chicken salad with salsa and guacamole
Dinner: Ground beef hash with sauteed peppers, onions and potatoes
Snacks: Almonds

This morning I felt like the ‘sleepy’ phase of Whole30 smacked me upside the head. It was so hard to get out of bed, I ended up pushing my snooze button like three times – something I never do. Once I forced myself to get moving, I was able to shake it off. Honestly, while I felt great today and had a good amount of energy, nothing too exciting happened today.

One full week down, three weeks to go.

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Happy 2017!

I’m currently spending the first day of the year in yoga pants on the couch, sipping tea and having a Netflix marathon. It may not be a big jump start to the year, but after spending the last 6 months of the year being non-stop ‘go-go-go’, this veg day is exactly what the doctor ordered. 2017 is going to be just as busy as 2016, so I’m going to take advantage of lazy days when I can!

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So Long, 2016

I think that it’s safe to say that 2016 has been one hell of a wild ride. On a personal level, though, it’s been an amazing year and I wanted to share some of my highlights:

  1. The Firefighter and I got married and I officially became a part of a new family.
  2. The Firefighter and I went on an epic European honeymoon, a fantastic adventure with memories that will last us a lifetime.
  3. I jetted to New York to help one of my best friends find her wedding dress.
  4. I got to spend a shopping-food-and-wine filled weekend in Chicago with two of my favorite people – and as a bonus, spend time with my brother and his beautiful girlfriend.
  5. I got to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with family and loved ones, something we don’t always get to do since we live so far apart.
  6. I successfully managed to drink around the world on my fourth attempt trying and celebrate the bachelorette party of a beautiful bride-to-be.
  7. The Cubs won the World Series.

2016 was great to me. I can’t wait to see what opportunities 2017 has in store.


Quick & Easy Early Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

As is somewhat typical when you are married to someone who has a non-traditional schedule, the Firefighter and I are spending the holiday apart. His schedule does take some getting used to, but we’ve gotten pretty good at celebrating our holidays when we can – so we spent this past Sunday celebrating Thanksgiving together.

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Golden Birthday Celebrations

When I was little, I would wish, dream, and beg my parents for a sister. While I loved being a big sister to my younger brother (and still do), I desperately wanted a little sister to take care of and play with. On September 18, 1998 my wish came true.

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