Quick & Easy Early Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

As is somewhat typical when you are married to someone who has a non-traditional schedule, the Firefighter and I are spending the holiday apart. His schedule does take some getting used to, but we’ve gotten pretty good at celebrating our holidays when we can – so we spent this past Sunday celebrating Thanksgiving together.

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Cold Weather Comfort

Apartment woes. At some point or another, I’m sure we’ve all had them. The upstairs neighbors that moved furniture around during all hours of the night. The fairly thin walls that can’t block out the sound of the dog barking two apartments down. My apartment woe? Extreme temperature differences in each room.

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Sunday Funday

Sometimes there is nothing better than a relaxing Sunday to help you gear up for the week ahead. This Sunday is also the Firefighter’s last day off, with his next tour kicking off tomorrow. We decided to spend a lazy evening in, watching DVDs and enjoying a variety of appetizers for dinner, instead of actually cooking.

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