Getting To Know KCMO

I’ve lived in the Kansas City area for almost a year now, and I have absolutely no idea how to get anywhere without my GPS or even really know all of the cool and fun things the area has to offer (I blame crazy travel schedules and school). The only two places I have actually been within the last year are Union Station and the Plaza.

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I’m A Master

For the better part of the last two years, I have been working full time, traveling all over for that job and was a full time grad student. I am beyond thrilled to say that last night my group turned in our final project for our very last class in the program. As of 10:45 p.m. CST, I officially have my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications!

This has been a very challenging and very rewarding roller coaster and now I am very excited to celebrate. Cheers!


Motivation Monday

I spent my last  year in Tallahassee interning at a communications company, which I absolutely loved. One of my favorite weekly traditions that they had was at the conclusion of their Monday staff meetings, they sent everyone off with a ‘Monday Morning Energizer’ and it’s something that I continue to kick off my week with.

This week features a quote from one of my favorite authors and is part what inspired me to stop thinking about making some major changes and just go for it.


Happy Monday, everyone!

Pink Solo Cup, I’ll Fill You Up (with Wine Smoothies)

Yesterday was the perfect post-wedding recovery day. Naps were had, carb-heavy brunches consumed and sunshine soaked in throughout the late afternoon. After what has felt like several weeks of cloudy and stormy weather in KC, I enjoyed the beautiful day, sitting outside with one of my best friends, her dogs and listening to music while just talking about life.

After we sat outside for about an hour, we decided that it was time to cool down the dogs with a quick hose-bath and cool down ourselves with a round of wine smoothies. I originally found this wine smoothie recipe on Pinterest, and as my friend and I are self-proclaimed wineos, I immediately let her know this was something we had to try at some point during my visit.

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Say ‘Yes’ to New Adventure


The last 11 months have been nothing short of a whirlwind.

I moved across the country, leaving behind friends and family. I stayed with a job I loved and coworkers who I adored that required a ton of travel and took me from my new home, all while also finishing my master’s degree full time.

I was more or less a nomad. I could not fully acclimate to my new home and I no longer fully belonged in my previous city. I loved seeing my family, dogs, friends and coworkers during my travels, but always missed my home-base. I felt like I didn’t fully belong in either place. I felt like no matter where I was, whether traveling for work or at home, I was letting someone down or a burden on someone else. I felt like I couldn’t win and I wasn’t in the happiest of places.

It wasn’t until a much needed week off at Christmas, from both work and school that I truly relaxed for the first time in months. I slept well. I read. I visited with family for the holidays. I cooked Christmas Eve dinner and baked cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. I started to think about and explore things I enjoy, things I love, things that make me happy.

Months of internal struggle, flip-flopping and back and forth have led me here: as of this month I am a semi-retired, 20-something fully committing to the new start I made almost 1 year ago, finishing up grad school, making an effort to do more of the things that I love and say yes to new adventures.