Decadent Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate has been one of my favorite cold weather beverages ever since I was little. It’s just the perfect chocolaty treat for a chilly winter day – or really even a hot winter day and you just want a hit of something decadent and delicious.

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Pink Solo Cup, I’ll Fill You Up (with Wine Smoothies)

Yesterday was the perfect post-wedding recovery day. Naps were had, carb-heavy brunches consumed and sunshine soaked in throughout the late afternoon. After what has felt like several weeks of cloudy and stormy weather in KC, I enjoyed the beautiful day, sitting outside with one of my best friends, her dogs and listening to music while just talking about life.

After we sat outside for about an hour, we decided that it was time to cool down the dogs with a quick hose-bath and cool down ourselves with a round of wine smoothies. I originally found this wine smoothie recipe on Pinterest, and as my friend and I are self-proclaimed wineos, I immediately let her know this was something we had to try at some point during my visit.

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