Whole30 Journey: Days 21-27

I would just like to kick off this post by asking this – Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stick to the Whole30 when you’re in New Orleans? No beignets, no wine, no hand grenade, no seafood with delicious sauces. I’m not saying that someone should send me a Whole30 award, but I’m also not saying that I’d send it back if I got one.

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Whole30 Journey: Days 1-6

Before the new year, I decided to participate in the January Whole30 challenge since I knew a couple of people at work and one of my best friends is doing it, too. I knew if I was going to do it with others, I’d need to have people to hold me accountable. Here’s the breakdown of my experience so far:

Day 1: I’ve Got This

Breakfast: Two egg white ‘muffins’ with spinach and bell pepper
Lunch: Baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli/cauliflower
Dinner: Baked chicken breast and sauteed zucchini and summer squash
Snacks: Almonds, banana

I definitely had an ‘easy’ day. The meals I had are ones that I eat regularly  during the work-week, so I didn’t feel like I was actually doing anything different. Already a big tea drinker, I stuck just to green tea and water as opposed to drinking coffee (I am not a good enough of a coffee drinker to do without flavored creamer/fake sugar).

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Mac & Cheese, Please!

Have you ever found a recipe that worked out so well for you that you got giddy and just about shouted from the rooftops how happy you were with it? Like everything just came together perfectly, nothing got burnt, *and* it was easy to pull together with little prep or cook time?

That happened to me on Monday, and it was glorious.

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Stupid Easy Stuffed Peppers

During the week, I am all about quick and easy dinners. The last thing I really want to do when I get home from work is deal with a drawn out dinner preparation process and not get to eat until 8:00 PM or later. I’ll just wind up getting hangry, and that’s just not safe for anyone involved (the Firefighter in particular is a bit terrified of a hangry me). That is why we both love meals that are both ridiculously easy to put together and delicious.

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Painting and Cupcakes and Brunches, Oh My…

Yes, I do live in KC.

Yes, the title is a play on words from The Wizard of Oz.

Yes, I do think that is somewhat funny :).

Here’s just a quick overview of what I’ve been up to within the last two weeks…

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{Better for you} Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Growing up, banana chocolate chip muffins were one of my favorite grab-and-go breakfast foods or snacks. My mom would make a few batches at the same time and freeze them. I would just pick out one or two, zap them in the microwave and enjoy the melted chocolate chips mixed into the banana muffin.


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