Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

It’s been just about two weeks since the Firefighter and I closed on our home and slowly (very slowly) but surely, it’s starting to look like less of a hot mess. Our actual moving weekend was nothing short of exhausting, with he and I doing most of the back and forth – though we did have a couple of volunteer Firefighters to help with the heavy lifting for a few hours.

Thank you, Baby Jesus, for Firefighters and their pickup trucks.

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Whole30 Journey: Days 7-13

Day 7: I’m Lovin’ It

Breakfast: Bacon and egg cups
Lunch: Buffalo chicken salad with salsa and guacamole
Dinner: Ground beef hash with sauteed peppers, onions and potatoes
Snacks: Almonds

This morning I felt like the ‘sleepy’ phase of Whole30 smacked me upside the head. It was so hard to get out of bed, I ended up pushing my snooze button like three times – something I never do. Once I forced myself to get moving, I was able to shake it off. Honestly, while I felt great today and had a good amount of energy, nothing too exciting happened today.

One full week down, three weeks to go.

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Easter ‘Salad’

Happy Easter to All!

I woke up this morning to a snowy KC. I can honestly say I do not remember the last time I woke up to snow on Easter morning. It’s pretty and all, but I’m really starting to feel like KC did not get the memo that it is officially spring.

Once again the Firefighter and I are off to a holiday feast and were asked to bring a favorite dish. Even though we made cheese grits for Thanksgiving, I made a half-batch for Easter for the Firefighter to enjoy.

For my favorite dish, I whipped together a batch of one of my favorite ‘salads’. I use the term ‘salad’ loosely, since this dish is more along the lines of jello-salad as opposed to one with lettuce. But if it’s called a ‘salad’, it’s still good for you, right?

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Adult Snow Day//Motivation Monday

I can remember when I was in school that any time there was promise of a big snow storm, everyone always hoped, wished and prayed for a snow day. On the occasions that I was lucky enough to have this wish granted, I would spend almost all day outside with friends building snow forts and having snowball fights.

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A Taste of Fall

For most people ‘Fall’ seems synonymous with ‘pumpkin’. Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin pie. And of course there is the (in)famous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Not for me, though. During the Fall, I am all about the apple.


Last weekend I went to an apple orchard with the Firefighter, one of our good friends and her chunky monkey of a toddler aged son. The cold snap in the air last weekend made it feel like the perfect fall morning: cool enough to need long sleeves and a light jacket but warm enough in the sun not to be too cold. Perfect.

While we were at the cider mill, I immediately got some of the ever-so-addicting cinnamon donuts and apple cider slushes (why places in the Midwest during the fall don’t offer WARM apple cider is beyond me, but I’m rolling with it).

apple butter

And of course while I was there, I picked up some apple cider and apple butter so that I can continue to enjoy the apple deliciousness at home.

Getting To Know KCMO

I’ve lived in the Kansas City area for almost a year now, and I have absolutely no idea how to get anywhere without my GPS or even really know all of the cool and fun things the area has to offer (I blame crazy travel schedules and school). The only two places I have actually been within the last year are Union Station and the Plaza.

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